School for everyone

Moyo Elimu is a charity organization which sets the goal to support and expand education structures in (North) Tanzania. We believe that equality in terms of education and resources is the key to a forthfilling future for everyone.

This is why we decided to found Moyo Elimu. The Words Moyo Elimu originate from the national language of Tanzania and translates to a heart for education.

How to start a Membership

To be a member of Moyo Elimu the only thing you must do is fill out the following form and send it to The last step is transferring 50€ to our bank account and you’re in!

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Our Recent Project

At the moment we our supporting the Irkiwa school which is located in the north of Tanzania. It was founded by Gasper Mbise and is like a second home to over 200 students. So far, the Irkiwa school has no kitchen. That is why we set the goal to build a kitchen to provide two warm meals for every student each day which is something they usually don’t get at home.

Just a few months ago where now is a big building with a roof and windows there was nothing but dry land. In July the first ovens arrived and were installed. Right now, we are focusing on a storage room for groceries.

Our Motto: #Drinking for Education!

Everyone who is willing to donate more than 50€ for the final constructions of the kitchen is going to receive a little gift. We are right now producing our own MOYO CELLO which will be shipped in October.


Before After

Before (December 2021)

After (June 2022)

About us

Lorenz and Laurin founded the organization in 2022. The decisive factor for Moyo Elimu was Laurin’s time at the Irkiwa school. He had the opportunity to work as a teacher and got to know the headteacher which even led to a friendship. With our first call for donations, we got to finance a big part of the kitchen already.
Laurin’s time at school

This made it very clear that the founding process had to happen. We now plan on expanding educational opportunities and creating a better future for children in need. Moyo Elimu already counts 80 members who support us along the way, and we hope for you to also be part of this journey.

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Founders & chairmen

Laurin Lackner-Walz & Lorenz Geroldinger (from left to right)

Board of Directors

Jasmine Püschner, Romy Haberpeuntner, Laurin Lackner-Walz, Tobias Meilinger, Lorenz Geroldinger, Matthäus Salm-Reifferscheidt &  Noah Hatz (from left to right)